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The art of caring for your wool sweaters: upkeep, repair & prevention

In the world of luxury knitwear, wool stands unrivaled – a testament to its enduring appeal and intrinsic quality. At Osborne Knitwear, our finely crafted woolen sweaters are investments in style and comfort. Yet, some may hesitate, pondering the myth that wool is demanding in its care.  

Let us dispel this notion, guiding you through the surprisingly simple steps to maintain the pristine condition of your wool sweaters. Here's how you can cherish and preserve their elegance, ensuring that each piece remains a faithful companion for seasons to come. 

Embracing wool's natural resilience 

Wool, by nature, is remarkably self-maintaining. Its lanolin content bestows it with antimicrobial properties, meaning your Osborne sweaters require less frequent laundering. Simply airing them out post-wear is often enough to refresh and ready them for your next outing.  

When it's time for a cleanse, forgo the dry cleaner to preserve your sweater's integrity. The harsh chemicals of dry cleaning can deteriorate wool fibers over time, stripping away their natural beauty and resilience. 

Mastering the wash: a gentle touch 

The secret to washing wool lies in gentleness and patience. For those times when a wash is unavoidable, opt for handwashing. Submerge your sweater in lukewarm water mixed with a wool-specific detergent, gently working the solution through the fibers. Soak for no more than thirty minutes before rinsing with cool water.  

Machine washing: a modern approach 

For those who balance the demands of modern life, machine washing can be a wool-friendly option with the right precautions. Turn your sweater inside out, roll it neatly, and place it in a mesh bag to minimize agitation. This careful preparation, coupled with a gentle detergent and the correct machine settings, protects your garment from the rigors of machine washing, ensuring it emerges as sumptuous as ever. 

The art of drying: patience pays off 

Post-wash, the dryer is the wool's nemesis. Heat and agitation are the culprits behind felting, the process where wool fibers mat together, losing their distinctive softness and shape. Instead, press the water out gently and lay your sweater flat on a drying rack, reshaping it as needed. This method preserves the fiber's structure, ensuring your Osborne sweater remains as luxurious as the day you first donned it. 

Wool care: a pinch of prevention 

Maintaining the impeccable appearance of your woolen treasures between washes is straightforward. Use a garment steamer for wrinkles – it's gentler than an iron. For minor pilling, a sweater comb or brush can refresh the surface without harming the fibers.  

When it's time to tuck your woolens away, store them folded, not hung, to protect their shape and structure. Consider natural moth repellents like cedar or lavender for added protection, ensuring your Osborne sweaters remain a beacon of sophistication and comfort. 


In embracing these care practices, your Osborne Knitwear sweaters will continue to offer warmth, style, and comfort year after year. Let these garments be your testament to the timeless elegance and enduring quality that Osborne stands for – a true celebration of luxury in every fiber. 

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