for the love of wool

Wool is back in fashion, thanks to its extraordinary qualities unparalleled by synthetic fabrics. It keeps you warm, it breathes and it is an entirely natural fiber. The Osborne collections are designed with different wool-types, adapted to each product separately. The past 23 years we have made improvements to the knitting-process, creating sweaters, V-necks, cardigans and windstoppers with superior long-lasting properties.


Osborne lambswool sweaters and V-necks are made from the finest Geelong yarn. Traditionally produced from a large species of Merino sheep in Geelong Australia, where the climate is ideal for the quality of the fibers. Geelong lambswool is comparable to cashmere for its luxurious soft handle and warmth. Our Lambswool - including Geelong - yarn is sourced from "Z.Hinchliffe & Sons", whom with their 200 years of experience are unparalleled in their yarn quality.

Merino wool

Osborne Merino sweaters are knit with yarn sourced from Lanerossi Filivivi in Italy. This lighter yarn is even more breathable than the Geelong, making it ideal for the warmer spring and summer seasons. Merino is considered to be one of the best types of wool in the world. Because of its thin diameter, the fibres for Merino cardigans and V-necks aren’t rough or itchy like thicker types of wool. They offer impressive warmth and moisture wicking capabilities.

Geelong wool

Geelong sweaters are made from micro fibers collected from the first clip of the lambs. This results in a lighter garment than the classic lambswool. Nowadays, the geographical location of Geelong sheep is not limited, but the flexibility and feel remains, making Geelong an exclusive, yet affordable product on the luxury market.


Originated in the golfing world, the Osborne lambswool windstopper includes a polyamide membrane inside which keeps cold breezes out. Making them the ideal garment for all outside activities done mainly during the fall and winter. Stay protected and warm in this wind blocking cardigan while still having the ability to move easily and freely.

The fibre reacts to climatic changes and releases excessive heat for breathability
Certified for using the finest 100% pure wool from renewable sources
Minimal pillage as a result of a tight-woven technique
Medium-gauge knit providing protection, warmth and comfort
Knitted using British or Italian produced yarn with unparalleled craftsmanship
Machine washable at 30°C - wool cycle

How to keep your sweater tidy?

To ensure you keep wearing our natural yarns for a long time, we strongly advise to wash your sweaters often - certainly during the first weeks they are worn. Washing them often will stabilize the yarns and decrease the risk of pilling. Furthermore, the lambswool fabric gets softer as you wash and wear them. You can machine wash at low temperatures (30°C - 22°F), selecting a gentle wool cycle and soft qualitative neutral soap. Do not tumble dry.