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Osborne, quality knitwear since 1996

Our philosophy

It was 1996 when our founders, armed with ambition and a vision, decided that stylish, high-quality knitwear doesn't have to cost a fortune. Every fiber of our company is woven with a promise of comfort during your daily endeavors, whether you're hoisting the sails, making an impression in the conference room or braving the mountain peaks. From start to finish, from the selection of our unblended wool yarns to the finest knitting, each Osborne sweater symbolizes the harmony between natural elegance and an active lifestyle.

Timeless elegance for every generation

From the womb of the Belgian McAlson dynasty has emerged Osborne, with a heritage steeped in refined elegance and mastery. Our collection - which connects the warmth of an embrace with the strength of a handshake - transcends fashion and time. The designs are made not only to adorn the present, but also to be heirlooms for the future. For the young professional with an eye for sustainability, to the experienced strategist who knows that true class never ages. Our sweaters are both a statement and a subtle promise of quality that transcends generations.

What makes Osborne unique?

At the core of Osborne beats the heart of young Belgian innovators who proudly carry the torch of craftsmanship. They are the bridge between the fresh ambitions of youth and the valued wisdom of life. With inspiration drawn from the natural splendor of our continent, we seamlessly weave our knitwear selection of lambswool, geelong and cotton into the everyday European lifestyle. Our dedication lies in the detail, and our quality is impeccable, just like our yarns. And this passion? It is there to be shared with you, who recognize and cherish the extraordinary in every day. Are you ready to discover more about the origins of our exclusive sweaters? We invite you into our story.